What is Happening to Moose in Northeastern Minnesota?

A VHF telemetry study showed higher than expected mortality of adults. At the same time people have been reporting seeing fewer moose and hunter success has been declining. Yet the aerial survey indicates that there has been little change in the moose population of northeast Minnesota over the past few years.

Report Moose sightings -- Why and How

Moose picture

Did you see a sick or dead moose?
Even more important to report if you did!

Concern about moose is high because of the importance of moose to Minnesota. People also remember what happened to moose in northwestern Minnesota: In less than 20 years moose in northwestern Minnesota declined from over 4,000 to fewer than 100.

Could the northeastern moose population, with over 7,000 moose, be starting a similar decline?

Additional research on habitat and moose will help answer that question. Past research and new projects are described on this website. We'll be adding more articles and pictures over the next couple of weeks.

Dead moose

Next week: A dead moose.