Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

Lynx-bobcat hybridization

Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) and bobcats (Lynx rufus), although considered distinct species, occasionally will hybridize. Evidence of Lynx-Bobcat hybrids based on genetic analysis was first reported from Minnesota. In Summer 2003 it was reported that a female lynx-bobcat hybrid trapped in Maine during the winter of 2003 had kittens. Links to these stories are:

6/4/2003 Minneapolis Star-Tribune article

6/11/2003 News brief on Minnesota Bobcat/Lynx hybrid

8/28/03 Bangor News article

8/28/03 Bangor News article from FS press archive

A peer-reviewed article on the discovery of Lynx-Bobcat hybrids in Minnesota is in press. The senior authors on this article are with the Carnivore Genetics Laboratory of the U.S. F.S. Rocky Mountain Research Station where scat and tissue samples from this project are being analyzed. The citation for this article is:

Schwartz, M.K., Pilgrim, K.L., McKelvey K.S., Lindquist, E.L., Claar, J.J, Loch, S., Ruggiero, L. In Press. Hybridization between Canada lynx and bobcats: genetic results and management implications. Conservation Genetics.

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