Decision Support Materials

Land Use/ Stormwater Planning Tools for Duluth Township Landowners - Planning development with stormwater runoff in mind is particularly important on the North Shore of Lake Superior with a shallow bedrock, steep slopes, clay-rich soils, and delicate wetland complexes. While numerous organizations exist with pieces of the information required to complete a Land Use/Stormwater Management Plan, the process of collecting expertise from a variety of agencies is daunting for landowners. There is a need to provide tools to make technical land management data accessible to private landowners. Further, there is a need to present the data in an educational manner so landowners are able to understand the importance of land use / stormwater planning in the conservation of stormwater run-off on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

A Land Planning Primer for Lake Superior Basin Communities - Through the community-based planning process described in this Primer, citizens are provided a methodology for approaching the complex task of envisioning future scenarios for rural communities. Citizen volunteers living in the Lake Superior Basin are the intended primary audience for this publication; however, policy makers should also find it useful in examining the range of strategies for building or rebuilding sustainable communities in this and other rural regions of the Upper Midwest.

Lake Superior Decision Support System - An effort to develop GIS-based decision support applications focused on the Lake Superior Basin.

NEMO - Nonpoint source pollution Education for Municipal Officials (opens a .PDF viewer) - Making the connection between Land Use and Water Quality.

LakesNEMO (opens a .PDF viewer) - Linking Land Use to Lake Quality, Effects of Development on Lakes....and What You can Do!

DuluthStreams - Information on how urban streams work, how they can be maintained in their present condition, or restored if already impaired or threatened. Contains links to live real-time data feeds from in-stream sensors and interactive GIS maps.

Lake Access - Information on lawn fertilization effects on urban water quality, derived from a study of municipalities with and without phosphorus fertilizer bans in the western Minneapoilis area.

MN Beaches - Should I go swimming today? Information on E. coli-related beach closures along Lake Superior's north shore.

Water on the Web - In-depth educational materials about watersheds, lakes, streams and other aspects of water science. Includes downloadable PowerPoint files for teachers and numerous primers for students and citizens.

Not Just For Experts: GIS Tools from Minnesota Planning (opens a .PDF viewer)